Sports/Physiotherapy and Craniosacral Osteopathy

Due to the fact, that I spent 3 years living abroad (USA, Kenya, Uganda) I am fluent in English and I am pleased to offer physiotherapy services in the heart of Villach.

I stand for a holistic approach and focus on reducing or eliminating pain, improving musculosceletal function and teaching you self-care strategies. Evaluation and treatments are tailored to each individual’s unique anatomy and presentation of symptoms.

I am specialised in sports, trauma, orthopaedic and paediatric physiotherapy. Additionally I accompany women through pregnancy, prepare their muscoloscelatal system for delivery and advise them in handling and care of their newborn.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Work experience:

I graduated with my degree in Physiotherapy in 2006 at the General Hospital in Vienna, where I started to work in the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine a few months later.

In 2012 I moved to Villach to work in the orthopaedic rehabilitation center Thermenhof.

In 2013 I signed a two year contract with Horizont3000, the Austrian Organisation for Development Co-Operation. I was sent to the Diocese of Kitale (Kenya) to assist as a Technical Advisor for physically handicapped children. After 8 months I moved on to Lubaga Hospital in Kampala (Uganda) to support the Department of Physiotherapy.

I returned to Austria in 2015 and started to work as a self-employed physiotherapist in Villach.

Work fields:

  • Paediatric physiotherapy: asymmetric babys, head deformities, foot deformities, delay in motor development, torticollis, children after accidents and with orthopaedic problems, posture training, psychosomatic disorders
  • Trauma physiotherapy: after accidents, muscle injuries, tendon injuries, fractures, surgeries
  • Orthopaedic physiotherapy: after surgeries, back ache, disc prolaps, joint pain, in case of any musculosceletar disorders
  • Sports physiotherapy: physiotherapy after sporting accidents, return to sports monitoring, gait and running analysis, personal training, sport specific assessment, care at competitions
  • Craniosacral osteopathy: is a gentle and non-invasive technique and is often used around the birth for pregnant women and newborns and for children of all ages, eg. to support self-regulation and to ease tensions of the tissues; for adults it can be used in case of migraines, headache, fatique, back pain, stress and tension related disorders...


  • Get a medical prescription for physiotherapy or craniosacral osteopathy from your doctor
  • Before we start the treatment, this prescription needs to be permitted by the head physician of your medical insurance company - I can take care or assist you with this process!
  • I am a private therapist and must be paid after the treatment. You will receive (partial) refunds from your medical insurance company. You might also receive refunds from a private insurance.
  • For an appointment please call my number: +43676/3534218
  • Address: Medpunkt, Postgasse 4/5, 9500 Villach